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Decorating a Planner Spread with @Studyrella
Decorating a Planner Spread with @Studyrella

Our friend Corinne, planner decorator extraordinaire from @Studyrella, stopped by the blog to say hi! Here she'll show us how she pimps a planner spread, complete with cute stickers and her gorgeous signature calligraphy.

Hello! I’m Corinne. 😊

I’m a student at university in Singapore, and I’ve been using Personal Planner for three years now. My schedule is crazy hectic when the semester starts, and my favourite part of this planner is that you can customise it to suit your life.

Let me show you a peek of my planner, and how I use it to plan my day.

I find that decorating my planner keeps me closer to it, since I keep opening it to admire the spreads.

Click here to start designing your own planner!

The accessories aren’t just pretty, they are super helpful too.

The stickers have so many new variations and colours - I’m living for it! 😀 It makes them so fun to use, and to go wild with all your favourite colours. Don’t forget that they’re functional too – you can write your to-do lists for each day, or events that you have that week.

The modules I love to have at the bottom of the page are a weekly to-do list, and dot grid box for a new motivational quote each week. 

The one tip I’d leave behind? You’re free to do whatever you want with your planner! There’s just no rules about what you should or shouldn’t do. So use as many stickers and colourful pens as you like, and find your own personal preferences with the many customisable options available!

Click here to start designing your own planner!

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