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Mindful Moments of Colouring - Printable
Mindful Moments of Colouring - Printable

Have you ever watched a child sit and colour in calmly, and wondered at their ability to focus fully on what’s in front of them?

Then you’ve probably seen mindful colouring in action.

Mindful colouring is the practise of bringing our awareness to the present moment, by focusing on choosing and applying colour to a design or pattern.

It’s a simple and yet powerful practise, as this will train you to let go of other thoughts, like what you’ll do after the activity, or what happened at school or work earlier. Mindful colouring also invites us to let go of judgemental thoughts about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We’re simply colouring in, and there’s no right or wrong, ugly or pretty.

As you know, you can add a colouring section in the back of your Personal Planner. But we’ve also made a few designs available to download on our blog, with some help from our talented artist friend Anna Sohlberg. On her Instagram account, under the name of @alukewarmmess, Anna openly shares her journey towards a life with less depression and anxiety through her art.

Weave in moments of mindfulness in your everyday, in a beautiful and simple way, and enjoy the benefits of feeling more relaxed and at peace.

Download and print Anna’s six lovely designs below.

Beautiful People
Flower Frame
Bloom for You

"Är jättenöjd med mina almanackor jag beställt från er!"
/Rebecca, Åby
"Jag är så nöjd med min "personliga" almanacka från er."
/Irma, Göteborg
"En trogen kund har ni här!"
/Marie, Göteborg
"Jag är jättenöjd!!!!"
/Juni, Stockholm
Har du frågor? Hör av dig!
Made in Sweden
Nöjda kunder
Säkra betalningar
Made in Sweden
Nöjda kunder
Säkra betalningar